Take action before an incident occurs. Through 24/7/365 security threat monitoring, Cygnus will identify attackers and protect your organization from advanced threats. We leverage deep technical forensic capabilities and real-time advanced data analytics to mitigate damage and strengthen your cyber security program.

With these very real threats targeting your industry and your business, your cyber security priorities now include constant monitoring of sensitive corporate data, ensuring there are no gaps in your cyber security posture, and enhancing your cyber intelligence capabilities.

Our comprehensive technology and cyber security solutions protect your data, networks, and infrastructure from sophisticated threats. Partner with Cygnus to position your cyber security program as a competitive advantage.

Cygnus can deploy the full-spectrum cyber capabilities to enhance your established intelligence and security frameworks. We have a proven track record of providing cyber security solutions that use a 24/7 Security Operations Center and Network Operations Center to monitor all log data. 

In fact, from planning to execution, our solution has helped numerous organizations with:

  • Creating enterprise risk strategies, assessments, and remediation road-maps
  • Firewall setup, configurations, and penetration tests
  • Cyber intelligence and threat hunting capabilities
  • Employee awareness training
  • Forensics and incident response
  • We help you plan, prepare, defend, and respond quickly and efficiently to threats, while minimizing or eliminating downtime.

By strengthening your cyber defense system, Cygnus ensures your business will be successful well into the future.